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Tom Neale, Prostate Patient

tom neale prostate cancer patient In January 2020, Tom Neale discovered he had a high PSA (prostate-specific antigen) score. Concerned that he would be diagnosed with prostate cancer, which his father found at his age, he emailed Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) Executive Director Dr. William F. Regine, whom he knew from serving on the MPTC board from 2017-2019.

Within minutes, Dr. Regine responded and arranged for a biopsy. When the results were positive, Mr. Neale knew he wanted proton therapy, as he understood that it minimizes side effects. He was able to begin treatment shortly thereafter.

He was driving to MPTC for treatment one day when a terrible car accident on the highway caused traffic to come to a grinding halt. Eight police cars and three ambulances passed him on the shoulder, so he knew it was serious. He called MPTC to share what was happening, nervous that he would miss his appointment. He spotted a police officer on the scene, walked over to him and explained that he was on his way to receive cancer treatment.

The officer asked if he was going to MPTC. Mr. Neale confirmed he was. The officer smiled and told him the center recently saved a loved one’s life. “Let me see what I can do,” the officer said.

A few minutes later, the officer arranged for Mr. Neale to follow him around the accident, get back on the road and receive his treatment as planned.

Throughout his time with MPTC, he was able continue his normal activities, including walking three miles a day. Recently, Mr. Neale completed treatment and celebrated over the next few days with his wife and three grown daughters.

To those considering proton therapy at MPTC, he says, “The cheerfulness and positive outlooks portrayed by the entire MPTC team throughout my radiation treatment kept my spirits high and attitude upbeat. I would recommend the center to anyone whom I know needing cancer treatment.”


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