Proton Therapy Redefines Radiation

The Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) is the first center in the region to offer proton therapy – a highly advanced and precise form of radiation – to treat cancer.

The Maryland Proton Treatment Center is the first and most experienced proton center in the region. Our center has trained more than 200 medical professionals on the use of proton therapy, including physicians from new and upcoming proton centers in the region.

With proton therapy at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, patients have a new tool in the cancer-fighting toolbox. MPTC offers the most advanced form of proton therapy in the world – called pencil beam scanning. This technique is highly effective for a wide variety of solid, localized tumors in adults and children.

Since proton therapy delivers an increased dose that stops specifically at the tumor site, it protects much of the surrounding, normal tissue. It’s painless, non-invasive and well tolerated which often times leads to fewer side effects now and in the future.

At MPTC, our core mission is excellence in patient care and more than 90% of MPTC patients describe their experience as “very good” or “excellent.” We are honored to offer you our expertise to achieve the best outcomes for your cancer treatment.

Proton therapy is a precise form of radiation for the treatment of solid, localized tumors. Unlike X-ray (photon) technology, protons deliver a maximum radiation dose that stops at the tumor site. This enables our physicians to target the cancer cells with millimeter precision while sparing normal, healthy surrounding tissue in the rest of your body. Proton therapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy.

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Proton therapy is a highly effective treatment for a wide range of localized, solid tumors in adults and children. Consultations are now available at MPTC.

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There are a limited number of proton therapy centers in the United States and our center is the first in the Baltimore/Washington region. MPTC features the most cutting-edge proton therapy technology available and is delivered by the nationally-recognized radiation oncologists from the University of Maryland.

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More than 95% of MPTC patients rate their experience as “very good” or “excellent.” Here are a few quotes:

  • “I really liked it – I was lucky to find this technology. The doctors, nurses and radiation therapists were wonderful, they were just like a family,” said Sevim Domangue, a brain tumor patient.
  • “Everyone at the center is unbelievably warm and caring. They walk by your side and make you feel safe and comforted,” said Denise Durgin, a breast cancer patient.

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