Proton Therapy for Gynecologic Cancer

Treat gynecologic cancer while avoiding damage to healthy organs

If you’re fighting gynecologic (GYN) cancer, proton therapy could be a great option for you. Because proton therapy stops at the tumor site, it can avoid the healthy organs and tissues nearby. This means that your treatment may have less of an effect on your urinary and bowel function as compared to traditional x-ray radiation. Proton therapy can minimize the radiation dose that important tissues like your kidneys and pelvic bone marrow receive. Proton therapy may also help to spare hormone function in younger women.

If your treatment plan includes external beam radiation therapy to the pelvis and abdomen (para-aortic nodal chain), it is likely that proton therapy could benefit you. Proton therapy is also particularly useful for young women and people who have received radiation to the abdomen or pelvis before.

proton therapy for gynecologic cancer versus photon radiation

Comparison image – Proton Therapy is on the left, Photon Therapy is on the right

Gynecologic cancers we treat with proton therapy

  • Cervical cancer
  • Endometrial/uterine cancer
  • Vaginal cancer
  • Vulvar cancer
  • Ovarian cancer

Proton therapy for recurrent GYN cancer

If your tumor has grown back (recurrence), traditional x-ray radiation is generally not possible because the area around your tumor has already withstood a previous course of radiation. Proton therapy, however, is safe to use, as it can provide an optimal dose of radiation to your tumor that limits the dose that nearby important organs receive. This makes radiation a viable option for recurrent gynecologic cancer.

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