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Why choose MPTC?

At the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC), everything we do is designed to help you navigate your journey through treatment.

An expert team. When you choose MPTC, you are choosing a team of nationally and internationally recognized experts in proton therapy. MPTC physicians have extensive experience, with an average of 20 years of clinical experience and a combined 40+ years of proton therapy experience. Meet our medical team.

The latest equipment. MPTC’s facility, which began treating patients in February 2016, offers the next generation in proton therapy, called pencil-beam scanning or intensity-modulated proton therapy (IMPT), in all five treatment rooms. Learn more about proton therapy.

Save Time for What Matters Most. MPTC is the first center in the U.S. to use the Qfix Symphony Patient Transport System, a transport system which allows the patient to be setup on the device before bringing them into the treatment room. This means that time in the room is saved for what matters most – treating patients. The patient transport system allows us to help more people get the treatment they need and get back to their lives. Using this system, MPTC has been able to treat more than 100 patients daily.

Unique treatment planning technique. Before treatment begins, patients receive comprehensive treatment planning and assessment using advanced imaging techniques including computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Before each treatment, patients can be checked using a volumetric CT scan in the treatment room, a feature unique to MPTC that further increases each treatment’s precision.

Access to clinical trials. Patients at MPTC have access to a variety of MPTC-led and multi-institutional clinical trials. Find out which trials are going on now.

Concierge services. MPTC’s concierge team provides a range of services free of charge to patients and their families. See what we offer.

Cost-neutral rate. Unlike some of the nation’s other proton treatment centers, MPTC has established a cost-neutral rate for treatment between protons and photons. This reduces barriers to access, and keeps the focus where it belongs: on getting the best possible treatment. Contact us to find out more.

A patient-centered approach: Each patient is assigned a primary nurse who assists them throughout their treatment. This unique approach ensures consistent coordination of care. MPTC also has a clinical social worker and a clinical nutritionist available to help all patients through their journey.

Find out what proton therapy at MPTC can do for you. Call 410-369-5200 or fill out the form below to schedule a consultation with one of our proton therapy experts.

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