Proton Therapy for Spinal Tumors

Proton therapy for spinal tumors is uniquely targeted to affect cancerous tissues without causing long-term side effects.

Why choose proton therapy?

Tumors in or near the spine can be in direct contact with nerves and tissue that control your ability to see, hear and move. For that reason, traditional X-ray radiation can be difficult to administer: Excess radiation can harm the surrounding tissues and damage their ability to function properly. Proton therapy’s precision allows for an optimal amount of radiation to be applied to the tumor while minimizing damage to vital, healthy cells.

Spinal tumors we treat with proton therapy 

Proton therapy can be used to treat a wide variety of spinal tumors, such as:

  • Chordomas
  • Chondrosarcomas
  • Desmoid tumors
  • Ependymomas
  • Ewing’s sarcomas
  • Sarcomas

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