International Program

The Maryland Proton Treatment Center has treated patients from Australia, Brazil, India, China, Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. Our concierge team offers a suite of services for our international patients.

Services for long-distance or international patients

Because patients come to MPTC from across the country, and across the world, our concierge team offers a suite of additional services* for out-of-town and international patients, including:

  • Escort and navigation assistance, beginning at the airport
  • Lodging recommendations
  • Grocery, pharmacy, and cellphone services
  • Currency exchange information, locations, and directions
  • Translator services
  • Local information, including area attractions, places of worship, and post office locations

*Please note: some services have associated costs.

To learn more about the international patient experience, please watch the videos below:

For more information about MPTC’s concierge services, please call 410-369-5240.

To download a fact sheet about the international program, please click here.

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