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Phoebe Melling, Pediatric Patient

At first, Phoebe Melling’s parents believed their young daughter had a cold. But as the symptoms worsened, they discovered she had a rare form of cancer in her sinuses. Her mother Ros, a nurse, discussed options with an oncologist. Concerned that traditional radiation therapy could have side effects on Phoebe’s brain and spinal cord, the Melling family decided that proton therapy would be the right treatment for Phoebe.

They researched their options and decided to travel from their home in Melbourne, Australia, to the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC).

After traveling more than 10,000 miles from home, the Mellings were glad to be greeted by the MPTC concierge team. The team helped the family with lodging, transportation, groceries and ideas for exploring Baltimore. When the staff found out that Phoebe had her 6th birthday coming up during treatment, they held a Hello Kitty birthday party for her.

On the day that Phoebe completed her treatment, a princess came to grant her a wish. This is a special tradition that all pediatric patients experience at MPTC through the help of the Children’s Cancer Foundation.

Within one week of finishing treatment, Phoebe was back in school in Australia.

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