Proton Therapy for Reirradiation

If you have ever received radiation therapy to treat a past cancer, traditional x-ray radiation may not be recommended. This is because the body’s healthy cells can only tolerate a small amount of radiation over a lifetime. Too much radiation damages healthy tissues.

Because proton therapy offers precise tumor targeting, physicians can limit the amount of radiation that healthy tissues near the tumor receive. This means that physicians can treat tumors more aggressively, with higher doses of radiation, without higher risk.

If your tumor has grown back (recurrence), aggressive treatment is often the best course of action. Proton therapy puts radiation back on the table as a treatment option for recurrent tumors.

Why choose proton therapy?

Proton therapy can be used to re-treat almost any disease site with radiation (called re-irradiation). Proton beams stop at the tumor site and do not continue to travel through the rest of the body. This means that physicians can limit the radiation dose nearby healthy tissues receive.

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