Integrative Wellness

What is Integrative Wellness?

Integrative Wellness is an approach to medicine that focuses on treating the whole person by addressing the full range of physical, mental-emotional and environmental influencers that affect health. In addition to providing patients with the most advanced form of radiation therapy available – pencil beam scanning proton therapy – the Maryland Proton Treatment Center (MPTC) uses an integrative care approach and works with every patient to create a personalized wellness plan.

The Maryland Proton Treatment Center offers a wide array of wellness services, aimed at reducing patient symptoms and/or improving their quality of life and cancer outcomes, including:

–  Yoga therapy
–  Expressive art
–  Relaxation therapy
–  Wellness lecture series
–  Oncology massage therapy
–  Acupuncture
–  Private yoga therapy
–  Private mind body therapy
–  Integrative nutrition and dietary consultations ​

Integrative health consultations are also available and routinely offered to patients at MPTC. Call 410-369-5222 or email to learn more!

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