January 17, 2019

New Video Clinical Trials - Maryland Proton Treatment CenterThe Maryland Proton Treatment Center is proud to participate in several clinical trials, including the RadComp breast cancer research study featured in a new video.

The understanding and treatment of cancer has advanced over the years due in large part to the additional knowledge clinical trials have provided the health and scientific communities. Each participant in a clinical trial is doing a service to the larger battle against cancer and the advancement of medicine.

The trial in this video, RadComp, is a patient-powered clinical trial comparing two FDA approved radiation therapies (protons and photons) for the treatment of breast cancer. After meeting with Dr. Mark Mishra at the Maryland Proton Treatment Center, Christine Stryzak decided to participate in the RadComp study. Christine was treated at Upper Chesapeake, learn more about her story by clicking the video below, or visiting youtube.com.


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